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What We Provide
To The Customer

The Hand Built Wood Fence

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All of our wood fences are built piece by piece, NO "Pre-made" sections EVER. This gives a longer life to them, because store bought panels are usually made with 2"x3"s instead of much sturdier 2"x4"s. We set the posts in concrete. Then drill coated screws to attach the 2"x4" rails, since they have a much better grip into the post than nails do for supporting the weight of the panel in the long run . Then we use 2" ring shank galvanized nails for attaching the standard 1"x6" pickets to the 2"x4"s. All of our wood gates come with an 1 5/8" black steel support frame and a 6"x6" wood post for the hinge side of the gate!
    Some Standard options of styles are Board on Board, Shadow Box, and Stockade. We do offer personalized custom wood fences. We will draw the design, build it, and install it!

Chain-link Fencing

     This is usually the best way to gain maximum control of your property for a fair economic cost. The black seems to be the most popular, and just tends to disappear in the distance. ALL of our Chain-link fences come with "bottom tension wire" for the bottom of the fence. Without it, its easier for animals to push under and bowing damage is more likely to happen during the life of the fence.
      As for material "Grades", there are many variations. Some common names that you may have heard of are "Residential, Commercial, & Industrial". Each is rated based on "Diameters and Wall Thickness" of posts, top rail, wire, etc.. Residential grade is more for your home environment. While Commercial grade is more recommended for your business or place of where there is a lot of human traffic or for security precautions. As for Industrial, it is typically used in areas where there is a high level of security. Your options are almost unlimited with chain-link fencing.
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Forever Lasting Vinyl Fence

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    Vinyl fencing has become very popular over the recent years. With new technology and using "Virgin Vinyl" in the product, you will have years of no fading and no cracking. We do not use "recycled" vinyl products, which tend to fade unevenly and is not as  high of quality as the pure vinyl. The biggest reason why they have become so popular, is that they tend to be the last fence that you may ever need. Since there are no wood components and the panels snap into the post, you do not have to worry about rotting or rusting.
   With Vinyl you have a large variety of options. Whether it be colors, styles, caps, gates, etc... For all of our gates, we include a "Aluminim Post Stiffener" to each gate hinge and latch post. We also include a white steel 1 5/8" gate support frame w/ stainless steel fasteners!

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

      Do you want to add that special curb appeal to your home? Well, you found it! With many styles to fit your custom home, garden, or pool.. Aluminum fence is the way to go. With the largest variety of powder coated colors from standard to custom, we can match your home colors with a breeze.
     Aluminum Fence has all of the life time needs of a fence. The material itself is corrosion resistant, and with a powder coat paint finish.. You will have the fence with that nice decorative aluminum look, strength, and color for many years to come. In some cases we can even repowder coat existing custom gates and custom fence sections. Showing that aluminum is there to stay and maybe years down the road, all you need to do is sand blast and repowder coat your gate or fence sections!
     For more alternative ideas, styles, and product information from our manufacturer, go to: www.Ideal-AP.com
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